The Power of Meditation

The power of meditation is something you’ve probably commonly heard about.

But I just want to reiterate the power of meditation.

Because when I’ve been off it and I go back to meditating every day, I feel:

  • More at one with myself
  • Less stressed
  • More aligned with my inner purpose
  • A kinder person and less confrontational to others
  • I move through life with ease
  • I attract things I want, rather than having to chase everything

Therefore, I’m far happier and have more energy when I meditate.

In fact, when I went off meditating every day, I felt spiritually trapped and kind of depressed.

I started doing things for the wrong reasons.

  • Compulsively over-eating
  • Getting in petty arguments with people
  • Chasing validation from others
  • Losing my discipline
  • Drinking too much and smoking cigarettes

And I would say all of these behaviours stemmed from the fact that I felt out of touch with myself – or with God – whatever you would want to call it.

I was tempted by the easy way out. Chasing the high, instead of realising the power was already within me.

And they say, the less you feel on the inside, the more material stimulation you need on the outside – i.e validation, clothes, food, alcohol, sex, drugs, money etc. It’s like an ego trip. All these external things are needed to fill that insatiable hole within.

So it wasn’t until I started looking inwards again, that I began to feel whole. I gained back my confidence, and all the other things just fell to the side.

And I really feel about meditation, that it’s the hidden piece to a happy life. Through that stillness that you experience when you’re deep in meditation, things are clearer and you have more clarity

You’re not constantly worrying, you can work situations out with more ease, and see the solutions instead of the problems.

You always have the capacity to feel the achievement of your goals. Imagine if you’re in a bad situation, and you can have 10 minutes where you’re in another place, where you have already achieved your goals. How awesome is that?

If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend you incorporate meditation into your daily schedule!


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