Boredom is Your Winning Advantage

After getting home from work, I realised that today, I had literally spent my whole day, messaging people about jobs on LinkedIn – to which only 15% of people will reply. The only problem is, I don’t know which 15% will reply!

I work in agency recruitment, helping startups and big companies in London find software developers. It’s a tough, competitive market, but can be lucrative if you’re a mixture of quick, and patient.

I must have sent up to 70 target inmails today – no mean feat. I only got a bite of the cherry on one of the last few messages I sent. But that’s all I needed – I found the maybe the perfect candidate for the role, with someone who has a very good chance of successfully placing.

The truth is, if I apply that patience to other areas of my life – the patience which is deployed on the boring stuff, which is necessary to get the fruits of your labour, then how successful can I be in the long run?

It doesn’t take intelligence to do that. It takes patience, persistence, and a positive attitude. There’s no technical skill – it is really a mindset.

Your advantage lies in the tedious, boring, but high leverage tasks, the tasks people feel like they are too above – that’s where your advantage is.

What I’m learning is, in a tough and competitive market, your commitment and attitude have to be 100% all-in. Anything less, and you will be swallowed up fucking whole.

A lot of it is really boring, but that’s where the value is – because a lot of people are unable to take the emotional pain and frustration of being a little bit bored.

You look around today, and you want to see where everyone is going. The easy buck, the easy win. The problem is, that shit is saturated and short-term. You want to run in the opposite direction.

No online course is going to save you. No get rich quick scheme is going to get you out of trouble. It’s as simple as that.

When you’re willing to do the long-term, grinding work, that will set you above the competition.

It’s like tracking your macros and workouts in the gym. Most people won’t because it’s hard. It’s simple but hard. That’s what a lot of success is. Simple – but hard at the same time.

So listen, if you have a task which is repetitive and boring, and you have resistance to doing it, then it’s probably the exact thing that is going to give you the advantage because everyone else will have that resistance too, but won’t do it.




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