Design Your Life Like a Piece of Art

Yo yo whatup!

Today, on this philosophical Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the importance of creating your life like a piece of art.

Life is dynamic and full of surprises. There are emotional highs and deep lows. However, the ultimate thing that we can choose is how we want to live, which is the most beautiful choice in the world.

If you live in a 1st world country and providing you have enough patience, discipline, creativity and you’re of at least average intellect, you can live an amazing life.

That’s mind-blowing. If we were living three hundred years ago, that wouldn’t be a true statement.

Therefore, take the first step in ensuring that you set the parameters for your success. You get to design your life. Most of our ancestors did not have that opportunity.

Do not take for granted the opportunities that have been bestowed upon us, because our ancestors would have killed for these opportunities.

Design your life in your mind. And then slowly go about sculpting it. Building it, brick by brick, until eventually, your life is there where you want it to be.

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