The Balance Between Knowledge and Action

To all the people who get stuck reading books but never actually accomplishing anything, you’re in trouble.

Stop reading books. Start slaying dragons. Commit to a goal and follow through on it.

All the knowledge you could ever want is already out there. A lot of people get into ‘self-development’, but in reality, all they do is read a load of books and mentally masturbate. However, these books don’t much translate into real-life success.

That’s because it’s fucking hard to actually make shit happen. To be truly amazing at something, you’re going to have to humble yourself to a process and go through a lot of pain. It’s painful to transform – it’s not comfortable. You have to exert yourself in many ways and you’re going to make a lot of mistakes before you get to the highest level.

Success should humble you because you realise the bullshit it takes to get to that level.

However, on the other side, there’s the element of knowledge that you need in order to do the right thing and get the result you intended. It’s both. Without one or the other, you will not be working optimally.

So, here’s something. If you’re all work but you’re not getting the results you want, go find mentors. Go read a book on the subject. Find solutions. And then go apply them and execute as hard as you can. That’s the true balance between knowledge and action.

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