Be Willing to Die for Your Truth

This post is about the decision to be willing to die for your truth.

That sounds so poetic, right? “Die for your truth.”

But the fact is unless you were born into money, you have two choices: be a slave or own yourself.

What do I mean?

Well, you can get a job which is well paid which you fundamentally don’t enjoy, but the financial remuneration is higher, so you accept it and live a miserable life with material ’things’ to make you feel like your life is not a complete waste. This is, in my opinion, modern-day slavery.

Or you can go down the road less traveled, risk losing everything and doing something completely out there, but with the feeling that you owned yourself. You did what you loved, and you made your own decisions. You may or may not have the financial rewards for it, but at least it was an authentic path to you, and you built real self-esteem.

This is what I call dying for your truth.

In fact, you might be really successful going down the road less traveled and making shit tonnes of money anyway. But that’s not the point. The point is you have lived your life how you wanted to live it.

If you’re at that time in life where you’re thinking about what to do for a living – most likely in your early twenties – then you have a decision to make. The first is the slavery path, which you might be seduced into by the trappings of material success, but ultimately, you are still held ransom by someone else’s opinion of you. If your boss walks into the office and wants to fire you, then poof you’re gone.

The second is the path where you get to do and be what you want to, regardless of the material pay off.

You may even have to make a pact with yourself, where you accept and embrace that you’re living very risky, and it may not pay off. As long as you make the emotional commitment that you’re happy with yourself so long as you’re following your dreams, then you’ll be okay.

Make the decision, my friend.


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