Get Your Mental Right First

In the pursuit of our goals, it’s important to account for certain unknown unknowns.

Sometimes you make a plan, and you expect it to go that exact way. But that seldom never happens, because there is such an element of randomness in life.

Random good events happen, and random bad events happen too. You can have an influence on the likelihood of a good event or a bad event, but ultimately, there is such an element of randomness to life. That’s what makes life beautiful.

One thing you can have an impact on is to get your mental health right first. Having a stable mind and a healthy body is the glue that holds our lives together. If we do not look after these things, then we are at serious risk of losing control of ourselves.

Life is hard enough without having mental health or physical issues. With these issues, you are stacking the ads ridiculously out of your favour.

That’s why it’s important to get your mental health right first. Treat it as an absolute necessary.

Because without taking the time to monitor your inner world. Without taking the time to get to the bottom of whatever suffering you feel, you will end up growing more and more disconnected from the world and yourself. You will end up flipping out at people for no reason. You risk losing it all.

So get your gentle mentals on point. Do the inner work. Spend time in solitude. By doing so, you will be able to give more to the world, because you will be more at peace with yourself.

Pick up healthy habits, such as meditation.

Without taking the proper time to introspect and be introverted, you will not have the power to be extraverted.

Without taking the time to rest and recharge the batteries, you will not have the power to give your fullest gifts.

To be powerful in your masculinity, you have to integrate your femininity.

There can be no day without night.

There can be no reaping, without sewing.

You have to be nasty before you can be nice.

These are the rhythms of life.

Life is the yin and yang. And if there is an imbalance, you end up fucking the whole thing up. That’s why life is a paradox – you need both sides to live life in your deepest fullness.

Get your mental health right first, get your inner world aligned because once you do, your outer world will also begin to align.

  • J R

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