Finding Your Path: Feel Your Way There

Are you having problems finding your path? Are you a young person in your early twenties looking to find the perfect career, but can’t seem to find what it is that you’re destined for?

Yeah, me too.

But what is more painful than not following your path, is being stuck, committing not to any career and living your life in the grey zone.

That shit fucking sucks!

I know because I’ve been there. And to be honest, revisit that place all the time.

However, a realisation has occurred to me. You can never predict the future and you may not know all of your strengths.

So in the meantime, the best you can do is follow your intuition and heart.

Follow your feelings.

I don’t mean follow your bitch feelings, but if you’re doing something and you know deep down that it’s wrong for you, then don’t waste any more time doing it.

If you enjoy doing something and can foresee a future career in it, then just do it. Even if you’re not very good at it. Because eventually, you will get good at it if you focus enough.

Basically, set an intention, but then let go completely of the outcome and just focus on the process of doing it. Get so lost in the process, and forget about egoic worldly success – for now at least.

Give yourself time to grow. If you’re in your early twenties, work hard but pursue things for the love of it, not for the financial rewards. Start with something small and watch it grow big. But simply follow your gut.

The truth is, nobody has the fucking answers. There are a million ways to get something done. What matters is that it is grounded in your own intent, and your own heart, rather than going for the quick buck or the thing most popular now.

Simply, stay true to yourself and be patient.

With time, things will clear up. You’ll go through experiences which will show you ‘Ahh, this is for me’ and ‘this is definitely not for me.’ With those experiences comes liberation.

I once wanted to be a fucking dating coach – haha. So I eventually ended up getting around one of the most famous dating coaches in the world and assisted him in Barcelona. When I got there, I realised that there was no way in hell that I’d actually want to do that job, and that changed everything for me.

So it goes to show. Sometimes, getting what you think you want is the biggest liberation. Because then you can focus on a new path.

Resolution: test test test, and slowly you’ll find out your path. And be patient!


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