The Power of Sexual Transmutation

The power of sexual transmutation is not something to be underestimated.

Recently, I have been studying Mantak Chia and the power that we all hold within us with our ‘chi’ energy.

‘Chi’ energy literally means ‘life force’ or ‘essence’. It is our form of energy and potency. It’s not something that can be quantified by science, but when you have a high level of chi, you can feel it running through you like electricity.

It’s like you are supercharged with energy, because you’re maintaining your vital seed and channeling it into higher purposes, rather than spurting it out everywhere wastefully.


Everything is Energy

The truth is, everything is energy, and as men, we have a tremendous amount of potential energy within us. The problem is we are never taught how to utilise our energy to the best of our abilities, and therefore we always fall short of our true potential.

If you’re ejaculating your energy multiple times per week, then you’re going to miss out on that cutting through energy that you need to live a truly magnificent life. You will feel slobbish and lazy. Like you’d rather lay in bed and watch TV than to write that article or film that video or work on your business.

Your ability to cut through the bullshit and get things done will be diminished and you will suffer a greater deal of mediocrity.

This is because you are expanding your energy wastefully and without much consideration. The taxation of regular ejaculation is costing you the energy you need to push forward in your personal growth.

Therefore, I would recommend that you conserve this energy and put it to great use – in the form of your goals and highest spiritual being. You will have such an advantage over the next man, who is probably ejaculating all of his energy out wastefully.



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