Poetry: Do it for Love

Do it for love,

Do it for your mam

Do it to say ‘fuck’ you to the uncle who said you can’t.


Do it for the younger you,

Who looked up and said ‘What if

one day I could leave this town and do whatever I wish?’


Do it for those others

Who probably never will

Cos they don’t see it possible that it could ever be real


Do it for the old lady,

Who cared for your youth,

And saw potential in you, with eyes of love and truth


Do it for your woman,

She needs a real gent,

Someone who can love her good, do more than pay the rent


Do it for the children,

Show them how to be queens and kings

And to make sugar out of shit, and whatever life brings


Do it for yourself,

And execute your plan,

Cause one day you’ll be gone as you’re just a mortal man

Of what a great man once was,

All that will be left is a legacy,

A man that lead his life with honour, truth, and integrity

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