Poetry: The Rite of Passage

Decisions decisions

Like your career path or religion

Confusions and turmoil about the surface talk schisms

You ain’t got the answers Sway, You aint got the answer’s Ye,

Or Jay or Dre or Klay, or Ray.

The answer is within but it’s a burden to begin,

the hunt for authenticity,

takes the form of Vodka and gin,

Nights of sin

Mornings of regret,

Days are dim.


And like a Phoenix, you raise out of the ashes,

The light comes through,

you realise you have something to give,

A new found freedom you can live

A king, a queen, a child is born.


The rest of your life is ready to dawn.

Depression is replaced with progression.

A vocation has replaced a profession.

You are on your path now.

You are a man.

Hopeless. And yet inspirational.

Do your thing, young brother.

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