12 Questions to Ponder

12 Questions to ponder.

Where are You Spending Your Life Essence?

Where are you spending your life essence? It sounds like a funny question, but the truth is, we only have a certain amount of actions we can give in 24 hours.

We only have so much time that we have to produce the outcomes we want in life.

So a good question to start is where are you spending your life energy? What are you spending your libido on?

What are you giving to this world? How are you making a difference?

Are you letting your time slip by on meaningless pursuits that you know deep down have no connection to what you want to do in life?

Are you forgetting that one day, you will die, and your body will decompose into the atmosphere, and you’ll just be a bunch of molecules floating around this infinite universe?

Are you forgetting that the most real thing in this universe is love?

Are you holding back appreciation of others, in the fear of abandonment or loss of love?

Are you letting fear and pride get in the way of love?

Do you love someone very dearly, but you haven’t expressed it to them in a long time?

Are you focused on the short term ego-wins over the long-term sustainable wins?

12 questions to ponder…

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