Never Limit Yourself to One Thing

If there’s one revelation I’ve had this year, it’s to never limit yourself to one thing.

A lot of people talk about specialisation. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But I believe to just consider your life as this one niche, you are limiting yourself from your true potential.

Because as human beings, we are so dynamic. We have so many different facets to our creativity, and to limit that outpouring of creativity is a form of self-denial.

In my opinion, the most well-rounded human beings have been able to cross-over their skills into other areas.

Look at JAY Z. One of the greatest rappers of all time. But he’s also maybe one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. Last week he became the first billionaire rapper ever – and he didn’t make that money from just rapping.

He’s also a father and is of course married to Beyonce. You could say that he is a well-rounded individual, and if he just limited himself only to rap, then he would probably be a shadow of the person he is today.

Look at Leonardo da Vinci. He was a polymath who mastered about a dozen different fields, mixing art and science to making some of the greatest work that some people have ever seen.

Elon Musk, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Steve Jobs, Dr. Dre are all examples.

Grant Cardone is another example. He’s a master salesman, but also nearly a billionaire from real estate. He’s also a master public-speaker and social media celebrity. Also, seemingly a great father and husband.

So you don’t just have to be one thing and nothing else. That’s bizarre.

Make Work and Play the Same Thing

One thing about all the contemporary names I just mentioned above: Elon Musk, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Steve Jobs, Dr. Dre, JAY Z – is that they all love what they do, to the point where they probably just mix their work and play into the same box.

I think the whole 9-5 thing doesn’t help. I think it’s very limiting, in the fact that working 9-5 is essentially renting yourself out for 8 hours a day when a lot of people would rather be somewhere else. They don’t see how their job plays into the bigger context of their lives, so they just sit around in apathy, waiting for the day to finish and they can be out of their misery.

It’s sad but true. And I’ve been there in the past.

It comes down to control and passion. If you are working in a job that you know deep down is playing into your bigger picture goals, now all of a sudden you have a why and a mission to work hard. That way, work is no longer work. Work is now meaningful and time will go by quickly, and you will enjoy it.

Furthermore, if you find your work enjoyable, then there’s no longer this duality between slave and master in your own head. You no longer need the motivation to work hard – you do it naturally because you feel engaged and you’re in what they call ‘flow’.

This is where work will keep you invigorated, rather than burnt out.

Finally, if you have the relationships in place that align with your goals, then you’re onto a winner.

Grant and Elena Cardone both have their goals aligned, which makes their marriage a lot stronger. JAY Z and Beyonce have an aligned relationship. Kim and Kanye have an aligned relationship. These are all larger than life examples, but it’s true that aligned goals are what keeps relationships strong.

When I look back at my friendships, if a friendship ever fell off or we stopped keeping in touch, it was because our goals were misaligned. They were out of sync, and therefore there was not much meaning in our friendship.

Same with a partner. If, for example, you’re trying to start a business, but your wife is against entrepreneurship because it’s too risky, then there’s a natural conflict there. If she doesn’t support you, then it may affect your ability to follow your dreams. This would be incredibly hard, and may lead to having to make an ultimatum – you either work with me here, or you need to leave.

Harsh, but I think there is nothing more divine than your dreams and goals, and the potential of the person you could be. The sacrifices you make for the person you want to become should come before anything.

The point is if you love your work, and you have some autonomy over your own life, then you work and play can be the same thing.

Find the Patterns and Join the Dots

What made Leonardo da Vinci such a prolific producer across multiple fields, was the fact that he could see the patterns in each individual discipline and transfer them. That is what made him a master of many fields because he could recognise patterns.

And in anything there are patterns that are transferrable. Sales and people skills are symbiotic. Design and fashion. Science and art. There are patterns to everything that are essentially universal principles. So find those principles, and apply them rigorously.

To Conclude

To resolve this article, you can choose different ways to be creative and keep yourself constantly learning. Learning is the best way to stay young, because curiosity will keep you in that creative child like state. Learning and creativity will also keep your life infused with meaning, passion, and interest. So don’t limit yourself to one thing!

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