The Beauty in the Struggle

Are you having a difficult time in life right now? Are things not going the way you wanted them to go? Are you struggling to find your way?

Good. Because there’s beauty in the struggle.

There’s beauty in being the underdog. There’s beauty being a piece of shit, and stepping through the shit, and going for glory. When you view every challenge and setback as just another opportunity to make your journey more fucking epic and awesome, you build this ocean deep level of character, that no-one can fuck with.

You’re like a dog who has beaten to shit so many times. The pain in your eyes is so real, but you just don’t give a fuck because you’ve already been to the bottom. All you care about is going forward, getting back up and keeping it fucking moving.

When you lose everything, you have nothing to lose. You stop giving a fuck anymore and go onto full offense.

It gives you the opportunity for your soul to come through, and move forward.

When people talk dirt on your name, reject you, or when you experience failure, it’s just another thing that you learn to handle effortlessly. You’re like this animal who cannot be fucked with. Adversity makes you grow stronger, and you become unfuckwittable. You become relentless in your ability to move forward, and your intent is rock solid. You just fucking go, man!

JAY Z said once “My little cuz never got to see his seventh year and I’m so used to pain that I ain’t even shed a tear”.

Imagine the sheer fucking pain of losing a family member, but being so used to the pain that you don’t even cry?


I’m not saying that this is something to aim for. But I related to that last sentence. “So used to pain that I ain’t even shed a tear”. Like, fuck, the pain is expected. I expect people to leave or to fuck me over.

I expect the tragedies of life to happen. But I step through the pain onto glory, powered by love and hope. Because I’m the hero and I’m going to make it fucking happen, regardless.

And look at JAY Z. He fucking did make it happen.

The Power of Losing Everything

When you’re trapped in your head, worried about the possibilities of everything, your energy is suppressed and taken up, in a way where you are stuck.

Usually, this will take you all the way down to the bottom into depression, despair, and hopelessness, until you have no choice but to let go of that feeling, and go full on offense.

But when you lose everything, you’re free to build everything up from scratch.

Because there’s the beauty in the struggle. There’s beauty in the pain. Every day you spend grinding, while everyone else is bitching.

So if you’re going through fucking hell, keep fucking going. You’re a champion, did you realise?

And if you’ve lost everything, amazing. Now you have the freedom to move forward without worrying about everyone else.

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