Build Your Kingdom and Become So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Depending on how old you are, maybe to the degree in which you relate to this blog post.

Although I would say this is an article for all men, young and old.

I’ve had an on and off obsession with the thought of ‘building a kingdom’ for about a year now. What do I mean by that?

Well, I mean, creating a lifestyle which you design. Creating an eco-system in which you are in control of. Ultimately, owning your life.

So So Def All-Star 20th Anniversary Concert - After Party
Jay Z is an example of a modern-day king.

I use the word ‘kingdom’ metaphorically. We’re not literally kings or queens, but our lives are lived and decided by us, and we have to bear the brunt of every decision we make. So, therefore, we are the kings and queens of our own reality in a sense.

You are a king, emperor of the kingdom of you. Your kingdom is not necessarily better or worse than any other kingdom, but it is governed by you.

That’s the first point made.

The second point is this, where are you putting your focus?

Are you going to focus on being a pawn in somebody else’s kingdom? Are you going to chase other people and make them the prize? Or are you going to create the necessary boundaries on yourself and others to ensure that you’re kingdom is such an amazing eco-system, that people just flock to you instead?

Building yourself an attractive, prosperous kingdom, is a much higher paradigm than chasing the world, chasing your tail, and getting left with the scraps.

For example, I’m sure you can relate with at least one of these statements:

Chasing women or men romantically, who could give a damn about you and are happy to squander your attention.

Chasing old friends who don’t make an effort with you, because you’re still remembering ‘the good old days’.

Chasing money. You heard that ‘this is apparently the new big opportunity in 2019 so I’m going to buy this course and become rich!’

You might have related to some of these. In the past, I have done all three.

I’m pointing out a common human trait, which is to value the shiny object, rather than maintain your self-respect, authenticity, and having a higher long-term vision for yourself and your life.

What about instead of chasing girls, you become such an impeccable human being, that girls just flock to you, and then you can choose from a position of abundance?

What about instead of chasing the new shiny object and trying to make a quick buck, you become so competent in a field of expertise, that people are willing to pay you in the droves for your work?

The long-term way forward, in my opinion, is this: build the skills, build yourself and become the absolute, undeniable king of your reality.

That way you are able to bring more to the table for other people, and instead of expending so much energy trying to convince and chase, you’ll have the natural attraction acting like a magnet without any conscious effort because you’re simply a true king with an amazing kingdom.

And to wrap it up, here’s the final mantra:

Boys chase value, men create value.

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