The Art of Following Through to Completion

The art of following through to completion.

See, life is a fucking challenge. And the universe is always testing us.

Are you going to make that sales call? Are you going to talk to that girl? Are you going to write that article? Are you going to finish that project?

All these questions hang over us. As human beings, we are extremely impulsive and emotional beings. And there is always that thing we need to do…

Often we give up on ourselves.

We choose the easy path. We bail out.

But often, it is those things that we have resistance on, which yield the greatest pot of goals.

I’ll give a personal example.

Yesterday, was hell at work. I was trawling through the bullshit, trying to find a lead. Trying to make a sale – trying to get a number on the board.

The clock had turned 7pm. I been there since 8am, but still no results.

11 hours later, you start to have those doubts. Those questions.

Am I in the right place? Do I belong here? Am I an absolute fuck up.

I loaded up the screen. I had 10 people to call before I was allowed to go home.

Voicemail. Voicemail. Voicemail. “Not interested”. Voicemail. And so on…

I get to the 10th call. This is the last name I speak to before I go home. After this, I have nothing left to give.

Ring ring ring. “Hello?”

“Hi it’s Josh here from So and so Group. Just came across your CV and can see that you’re an experienced software developer. The reason for this call is that we’ve just had this super fresh opportunity come up on our desk, and was wondering what your current situation is?”

The line goes quiet for a moment. I’m drained, and don’t give a fuck at this point.

“Yes, actually I am actively looking and have just updated my CV today. What is the opportunity?”


We sent off his application to a super awesome company the next day, and now he’s in a final round of interviews already – a top-notch candidate.

But look, that was my reward for following through to the BITTER FUCKING END.

It was glorious. It was magical. It was like winning the game in the last minute.

If you’re going through hell… Keep going.

The Importance of Following Through to Completion

For every thousand people that make excuses, there’s one person who makes shit happen. That is you, and the only thing stopping yourself is yourself.

Life is a game. Like a piece of art. It is painful, it is artistic. It is depression and despair, blended in with joy, blended in with beauty, blended in with euphoria, blended in with monotony.

Don’t resist the palettes of life, because there is value in every element of it. There can be incredible meaning in the struggle.

Just get it the fuck done!


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