You Have to Be Nasty Before You Can Be Nice

You have to be nasty, before you can be nice. Sounds kinda poetic, right?

But look at that quote deeper. It’s not just some slick soundbite that has no bearing or deeper meaning. No, it’s the truth. What brought me to this realisation, I will describe in the following.

Recently I’ve started a sales role, and it’s exposed me to a whole other side of nature than I previously was aware of.

That not everyone is a nice person, and not everybody has your best interests at heart…

Some people are nasty c*nts, and will say nasty shit to you and cut you down. Deal with it…

A small percentage of people will manipulate you at the first chance, if there is an advantage to be gained by it.

There are real life sharks out there, and you will be eaten by them if you are not able to bite back.

What a revelation!

I was such a soft child growing up. In many ways, it was down to the environment I grew up in – a quiet countryside town outside Wolverhampton, a small city outside Birmingham, England.

The thing to do was to ‘turn the other cheek’. To be nice. And hope people reciprocate with niceness and don’t pick on you.

But that ain’t the real world, hombre. When I moved to London just two weeks after my 18th birthday, a whole other world opened up.

There was no mom or dad to cry to. Nobody to blame. Nowhere to hide. It was just me and myself, in this situation. I had to step up and become a man.

And that was really only half of it. I still worked in a hyper-feminised environment where shit was just soft, to be quite frank. It wasn’t until I got myself into a sales role that I really got a deeper awakening into the realities of life.

The fact is, nothing is guaranteed. Unless you make a conscious action to change your life, you’re life is probably going to be shit by default.

Every blessing you have, is SUCH a miracle. The fact the lights turn on in the room, the fact that you’re alive to read this, the fact that we are able to live in a somewhat functioning society and haven’t killed each other yet is a miracle.

The fact that we can flirt and talk with anyone we’re attracted to is such a miracle and we don’t even realise it!

Basically, shit happens and life is shit sometimes, but we let that get in the way of the miracles that happen every day.

On the other hand, there’s the fact that people are sometimes malevolent and sometimes don’t have our best interests at heart. That can be heartbreaking.

The truth is, we need to be fucking nasty, before we can be nice.

We have to go through pain, before we have the true context to appreciate pleasure.

It is loss which enables us to enjoy the gain.

If we are nice with no nasty, then people will proceed to take advantage of us and put into compromised situations due to our naivety.

You need to integrate that dark side before you can experience true morality, for then you have the moral choice to not cause pain.

And when you are capable of monstrous things, but choose not to because of morale ethic, then you are in a strong position because you can’t be stepped into a corner.

So, learn to be nasty, before you are nice.

Rant over.

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