Why Fashion Brings Meaning and Beauty Into Our Lives

Here’s a statement: Fashion is like art for your body.

It speaks expression, individuality, and personality. And when one walks into the room and looks good, it can inspire the whole room – like a piece of good music.

And we need inspiration because life is a challenge.

As Professor Jordan B. Peterson says, “Life is filled with suffering.” Shit happens on the daily that is not ideal. We often have to go through a lot of pain to get what we want out of life. People come and go. We have break ups. Family members die. People betray us. We make mistakes.

Life can be really fucking hard at times!

But that doesn’t mean that life is meaningless or that we should give up. Because there is beauty found during the struggle, and if you focus on making your life better over a long term period of time, things can and do get better. Life can be really fun and filled with enjoyment also.

In fact, the meaning is often found in the struggle. Whatever difficult situation you’re in, you can transcend that and live a better life, and have a meaningful existence – if you take responsibility.

Now, how the fuck does this point relate to fashion?

Well, some people consider fashion as trivial. As they’re just garments that we wear to cover our bodies. And to some extent, that is true, but that is only half the picture.

I would argue that anything that we do on a daily basis is not trivial. Because it is the seemingly small things that we do every day that actually make up the bulk of what we do and who we are.

With the clothes we wear on a daily basis, we have the opportunity to express ourselves in our own individual way. It’s how we present ourselves to the world. And if we dress in a stylistic way, then we actually elevate the consciousness of the room because there’s an artistic element there. It’s like a meaningful, transcendent moment, where there’s the opportunity to appreciate the materials, the art, the effort made, the order, the expression, the beauty.

Like a piece of art – a Picasso painting, for example – you look at it and it speaks to you in such a way. It takes you somewhere. It’s raw and uncut. It can say something.

Three Dancers Picasso
The Three Dancers by Pablo Picasso

A man in a suit. A woman in a beautiful dress. Marlon Brando in a “Streetcar Named Desire”. Kurt Cobain rocking flannel shirts. Kanye West rocking the kilt during “Watch The Throne”. James Dean. All of these examples are expressions of art.

Untitled design
(Left to right) Kanye West, James Dean, Kurt Cobain, A$AP Rocky, Elvis Presley

There’s an archetypal element to fashion too. Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst, who I would highly recommend reading on, spoke on the idea of the archetype, which (in Jungian theory) is a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious. For example, there’s the king archetype, which might be expressed through wearing a suit, in today’s culture.

A man rocking a suit (in the right way), is like the inner empowerment of a nobleman on a mission. Like a knight or a king going about his duties. It’s obviously manifest in a different way in exact fashion or style, but when you put on that suit, there is that sense of pride, duty, and honour that accompanies that outfit.

And what does that do, when you see someone dressed in such a way? For me, if I’m being truly honest, is it inspires me to be the best fucking version of myself and finesse my way through the world.

Because anyone can wear piece of shit clothes and not give a fuck.

But when you take care in presentation, you open the door for inspiration for those around you.

And if there’s one thing that the world will always need, and that’s inspiration – because as I say, life is hard!

So look fucking awesome and inspire others to do the same.


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